Subject RefreshRecord bug
Author phoove27
I receive the following message when attempting to
call "RefreshRecord" on a client dataset:

Unable to find record. No key specified

My simple test program is a form with buttons
for "Prior", "Next", "Edit", "Save", "Cancel", "RefreshRecord",
and "Refresh". The database I am using contains four records. I can
move from record to record and back again in the opposite direction.
I can edit, save, and cancel. I can call "Refresh" on the dataset
with no problem. The problem only occurs when I attempt to call
the "RefreshRecord" method.

I am using dbExpress with

Connection -> SQLDataSet -> DataSetProvider ->
ClientDataSet -> DataSource

The problem remains even when I switch to

Connection -> SQLClientDataSet -> DataSource

I am using Firebird 1.0 for both Linux and Windows. The problem
always existed with the Windows Firebird, but the problem with the
Linux Firebird started only after I downloaded the latest version
last night. I did not receive the error message when using an older
version of Firebird.

Is this a bug in Firebird, a bug in Delphi, or am I just missing