Subject RE: [ib-support] cannot transliterate char between cha r sets with äöü in containing for integer
Author Niall Scott
Hi Franz

I am a little puzzled as to how you can search for the character ‘o’ in
an Integer column but I have just gone through a session of problems

All gave the same ‘cannot transliterate char between charsets’ message.

Make sure that you have set the character set in the client program to
the same one as the server. Check the client has the correct character
set for the Server.

Niall R Scott

IS Support

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Subject: [ib-support] cannot transliterate char between char sets with
äöü in containing for integer


i have small problems with a select statement.
select * from PARTNER where NR containing 'o' or NAME containing 'o'..
NR is a Integer Column
o is a runtime user value for search PARTNERS
the above statemant works fine
but now if the user uses a spezial german char like ö
select * from PARTNER where NR containing 'ö' or NAME containing 'ö'..
the statement fails with the message
cannot transliterate char between charsets

oh connection is correct with the right charset

if using containing only on varchar columns everything works fine

thanks for your help
franz bartlechner

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