Subject RE: RES: [ib-support] Problems with portuguese accents in Interbase 6 .5/DbExpress
Author Niall Scott

I just went through the same problem.

Make sure that both Client and Server have the same character sets. I
use Win1252 but as soon as I set the column on the server to Win1252 AND
set lc_ctype=WIN1252 in the parameters of the TIBdatabase the problem
was solved.

Niall R Scott

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Subject: Re: RES: [ib-support] Problems with portuguese accents in
Interbase 6 .5/DbExpress

I´m receiving the error when trying to run the aplication inside the

ISC ERROR CODE 335544321
Class EdatabaseError with message
Arithmetic exception,numeric overflow, or string truncation

Cannot transliterate characters between character sets.
Process Stoped
When i execute it without Delphi the error is not being showed but
the record is not posted.

This is not a delphi error,because i tried to edit the table with IB
And the error continues.

I change the Character set to Win1251 but error continues.
I´ve tried to backup and restore the Database and the error

I´m using Interbase 6.5 and windows Xp Professional.

Is Interbase 7 available?

Marcello Dias
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> I'm using character set WIN1251 collate WIN1251 and work fine.
> []'s
> Marcelo Pitanga
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> > Assunto: [ib-support] Problems with portuguese
accents in
> > Interbase 6.5/DbExpress
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > I´m having trouble with applyupdates when i´m using records with
> > portuguese accents,the records are simply not post and no
message is
> > being showed.
> > When i use no accents everything goes well.
> > When i use the same sample with Oracle it works well with
> > I´m using the iso8859_1 charset
> > Delphi 7,interbase 6.5 ,dbexpress
> >
> > Regards,
> > Marcello Dias
> >
> >
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