Subject Re: Interaction with the database
Author Marco Menardi <>
I don't use stored procedures for basic data insert/delete/update, I
use them when the work is not "atomic" (i.e. into a single table, or
with a single SQL statement), or to overcome current SQL limitations
(but FB 1.5 will add a lot of nice stuff, like CASE into selects;)).
So I've selectable SP and "hard work" SP, but nothing like what you
are asking for.
I use IBO, and often I add/delete a column in a table since I'm in a
developement process. Without SP I just have to add/delete the field
name in the select of the Query component, while where I've SP related
to that table I also have to change their input/output parameters,
adjust other SP in the database that are calling it, and adjust the
client side too.
And about "portability", I think that a INSERT SQL statement is much
more portable than a SP, since "server language" seems to be very
different from DB to DB, while SQL has some standard.
Marco Menardi

--- In, "The DeerBear" <rainaple@t...> wrote:
> Hello,
> As you had a chance to notice, I'm starting to create stored procs
for my FB
> database.
> My idea was, in fact, to create a set of procedures to use( Insert,
> etc ) for
> "basics" needs and use SQL directly only when _strictly_ necessary.
> To my understanding of the matter, in fact, stored procedures are
> on the
> server and only the results are returned to the client.
> So I was thinking that would maybe be faster if, for example, I used a
> stored
> procedure to make inserts into specific tables, instead of using
direct SQL
> statements.
> Is this approach correct or you can point to other( better ) ways to
> things faster with FB?
> Andrew