Subject Re: FireBird,DbExpress,Interbase WorkBench.Does Anyone Use?
Author Marco Menardi <>
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> Hi,
> Does anybody use Interbase WorkBench With Firebird?

I use IBManager (it was QuickDesk), and it's not perfect but very
good, I could not live without a tool like it, so if you are serious
about Firebird developement, you *have* to buy tools like that
( Probably WorkBench is as good too,
but don't even try to work seriously with IBConsole!

> Does Anybody use DbExpress With Firebird?
> My company is planning to develop a system based in FireBird
> But only with can have something Better than IBconsole and if
> we can use DBExpress.

Since Borland does not support Firebir, you have to buy specifica
drivers for it. Fortunatly a dbExpress driver for Firebird is provided
by upscene (
I'm using IBO native database access and visual controls. You'd better
have a look at it, it's really powerful (
Marco Menardi