Subject Re: duplicate key problem
Author Helmut Steinberger <>
--- In, Paul Reeves <paul@f...> wrote:
> Two questions:
> 1/ What version of Firebird, and what Operating System?

Windows XP Prof.

> o can you create a new database (with all the DDL executed in
> one go), run your migration program, and then demonstrate that
> the error exists?

Yes, I can. The problem is, that there must be a lot of data in
several tables, because there are many relations between the tables.
With the data I have, I cann reproduce the problem as often as I
want. It is not always the same Data, which is duplicated, and also
not always the same amount of duplicate records. Sometimes after
inserting 20000 datasets there are 40 duplicated records, sometimes
there are 10.

Now I am working on reproducable data, which I could ship to somebody
who wants to test it. The problem is, that I have real data of a
customer, which I first have to encrypt and to bring it into a form,
that someone could test it on his own environment.

I also plan to test the same thing under interbase 6.5, which I just
downloaded as trial version.