Subject Error on dropping view.
Author fabiano_bonin <>
Firebird-1.0.2 (Linux RedHat 7.2)
Console (IBExpert
Component (TIB_Script - IBObjects)

I'm trying to run this script in two places:

IBExpert (Script Executive) and
Delphi, with TIB_Script (IBObjects)

IBExpert gives an error in the fourth statement:
TIB_Script raises an exception in the fourth statement, too.

create table t1 (
a integer );

insert into t1 (a) values (1);

create view v_t1 as select a from t1;

drop view t1;

error: Dynamic SQL Error. SQL Error Code = -607. Log record header
too small at offset 469399988 in log file 8Vt

drop table t1;

error: cannot delete Table t1. there are 1 dependencies.

why is it happening?