Subject Re: [ib-support] deadlocks
Author Bob Lazarchik

This is even more difficult to explain. I've done more checking and the
deadlock exception is occuring on a different database on the same computer.
Ive installed the firebird v1.5 alpha 5 udpate without success. I even went
back to verion 1.0.2 and still have the same problem. It appears that the
exception is being thrown from database A but is being created in Database
B. I am still trying to get more details on this behavior. I dont believe
it is Interbase but some strange behavior in my application.



> At 10:27 AM 12/19/2002 -0500, Bob Lazarchik wrote:
> > Can someone explain to me under what circumstances I can get deadlocks
> > on an Insert, maybe this will help me find my problem?
> You can't get a deadlock on an insert. Does your
> procedure (or some trigger) update anything?
> Regards,
> Ann