Subject Firebird v1.0.2 Update Released (a gift for the holidays)
Author Leyne, Sean
The Firebird team is very please to announce the release of the Firebird
v1.0.2 update for Win32 and Linux.

This release represents the first maintenance update following the
release of the v1.0 product, and includes the following bugs fixes (for
all platforms):

o 64-bit file i/o is now properly supported under Linux

o There was problem with connection strings on Unix platforms that could
lead to database corruption.

o Table name aliases are now allowed in INSERT statements.

o String expression evaluation now throws an error if the expression
could be greater than 64k. Previously an error was thrown if the
expression evaluated to a possible size of greater than 32k.

o Minor problems with Two-Phase commit were fixed.

o INT64 datatype now supported correctly in Arrays.

o SF Bug #545725 - internal connections to database now reported as

o SF Bug #538201 - crash with extract from null date.

o SF Bug #534208 - select failed when udf was returning blob.

o SF Bug #533915 - Deferred work trashed the contents of RDB$RUNTIME.

o SF Bug #526204 - GPRE Cobol Variable problems fixed.

Please note: There was no official Firebird 1.0.1 release for any
platform except Mac OS X. That release was made to cater for an
operating system upgrade.

All install packages are available for immediate download at

Install packages for other platforms (Mac OS, Solaris, FreeBSD) are
expected to be made available shortly (as time permits for the port
maintainers), please consult the project web site (at for their release announcements.

Thank You,

The Firebird Project Team