Subject Re: [ib-support] performance and big gdbs
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Monday 16 December 2002 17:49, you wrote:


> Does anyone have experiences with big amounts of data in Firebird?


> For my app is this ca. 1.000.000 records per hour (

Is that real time 24x7? 30 records a second is easily doable, but even the
best Database engine needs to "pop outside for a cigarette" once in a while.

> Im interested in:
> 1. implemented solutions (plattforms: win, linux, other),

Personally I prever *UNIX based OS's, not that Windows is 'bad', but I think
non-Windows platforms are more suitable for anything other than 'Workgroup
Databases'. Of course this depends on other factores like in-house/customer
knowledge of target OS admin etc.

> interface (bde, ibx, fib)

BDE is dead, and crap. IBX is fine if you need 'basic' access, but don't
expect 'future' support for firebird. IBO and FIB authours have commited to
FB support, so are probably your best bet.

> 2. practical limitations for gdb size and count of records

Theorectic limits are in the gigabytes, pratical ones, I have not really
reached any.

> 3. performance of fb with gdb

With a properly written DV, 'fetching' 10 records from a DB with millions of
records will take the same time as one with 100 records.


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