Subject RE: [ib-support] performance and big gdbs
Author Leyne, Sean
> Does anyone have experiences with big amounts of data in Firebird?

"big" is relative.

> For my app is this ca. 1.000.000 records per hour (not permanently,
> month/quarter closing).

How many records (in total) are you going to be writing? How many
fields? How many indexes?

> Im interested in:
> 1. implemented solutions (plattforms: win, linux, other),
> interface (bde,
> ibx, fib)

Linux would be best. Definitely not BDE (it's now deprecated)

> 2. practical limitations for gdb size and count of records

I can easily see a database in the 500-600 GB range.

> 3. performance of fb with gdb

As with any database, it depends on what you expect to do with the data,
you haven't said anything about that.