Subject Fw: v7 Linux database 2gig file limit?
Author Leyne, Sean

A kind little warning to those of you using or thinking of using IB 7.0
on Linux.


"Dan Mikhaylutsa (Borland)" <dmikhaylutsa@...> wrote in message
> Update:
> Here is what we know right now:
> OK, R&D has confirmed what the problem is. A regression was introduced
> in IB7 from IB6.5 as has been observed by those in the newsgroup. Some
> local variables used to seek into a database file were redeclared as
> 32-bit from 64-bit.
> The only workaround is to not use InterBase files greater than 4GB and
> unfortunately there's nothing which will warn the user until it's too
> late.
> We are working on fixing this problem. I will post another update in
case we will
> have more infomation regarding this issue.
> Thank you,
> Dan
> Dan Mikhaylutsa wrote: