Subject Re: Server crash
Author Nico Callewaert <>

Thanks for the answer, where can I get the IB operation guide ?
It's just strange, before everything was working just fine, it
happened after upgrading to FB 1.5 Alpha 5. It's running on Win
NT4, with 512MB RAM.

Thanks, Nico

--- In, "William L. Thomson Jr."
<support@o...> wrote:
> Nico,
> You are a little short on details. Like proc usage before,
memory usage
> before and after the crash etc.
> I would start by getting a copy of the IB Operation Guide and
make sure
> you have your isc.config file dialed in or what ever that file is
> on windows.
> Further more I would look into a different stable platform.
Let's set
> aside biases for the moment.
> A few months back while working with the API via C++, while
testing out
> a new connection pool in Java, Firebird stop accepting requests.
> It could not allocate any more memory and therefore could do
no more.
> Now it did not crash, and it continue along for over a day like
> Finally I got in patient and restarted the process. Of course after
> adjusted my settings. I complained to this list, and was
> told to consult the Operations Guide. I did and things have been
> since then.
> Now back in the day when I was developing on windows, and
using IB 6 it
> crashed all the time. Now IB 6 was buggy, but I do not blame it for
> crashes. When I migrated to another platform, all crashing problems
> been a thing of the past.
> The worst I ran into was the server being tied up, busy for a
> time. Forcing me to restart it, but no crashes.
> Anyway if possible migrate to a *nix platform, Linux, BSD,
Solaris, OS
> X.
> Anything that doesn't have built in support for crashing the most
> of apps. ;) Ok a little biasness there, it slipped out.
> Now as another suggestion you may need more ram, or to adjust your
> machine settings.
> You did not mention the version of Windows you are using. I sure
> it's not 98, and hopefully something part of the NT branch. XP
> to many bells and whistles that get in the way.
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