Subject Re: [ib-support] Server crash
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
You are a little short on details. Like proc usage before, memory usage
before and after the crash etc.

I would start by getting a copy of the IB Operation Guide and make sure
you have your isc.config file dialed in or what ever that file is called
on windows.

Further more I would look into a different stable platform. Let's set
aside biases for the moment.

A few months back while working with the API via C++, while testing out
a new connection pool in Java, Firebird stop accepting requests.

It could not allocate any more memory and therefore could do no more.
Now it did not crash, and it continue along for over a day like that.
Finally I got in patient and restarted the process. Of course after I
adjusted my settings. I complained to this list, and was embarrassingly
told to consult the Operations Guide. I did and things have been smooth
since then.

Now back in the day when I was developing on windows, and using IB 6 it
crashed all the time. Now IB 6 was buggy, but I do not blame it for the
crashes. When I migrated to another platform, all crashing problems have
been a thing of the past.

The worst I ran into was the server being tied up, busy for a long
time. Forcing me to restart it, but no crashes.

Anyway if possible migrate to a *nix platform, Linux, BSD, Solaris, OS

Anything that doesn't have built in support for crashing the most stable
of apps. ;) Ok a little biasness there, it slipped out.

Now as another suggestion you may need more ram, or to adjust your VM
machine settings.

You did not mention the version of Windows you are using. I sure hope
it's not 98, and hopefully something part of the NT branch. XP excluded,
to many bells and whistles that get in the way.

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