Subject Array Support
Author Bob Lazarchik

I am experimenting with some changes to a database by creating fields as arrays( I would like to create an field as any array or strings ). I was able to modify the database ok and create the array field types without any problems. However, when trying to create a stored procedure ( select, insert or update ) on the table with the array fields I get an error.

If I create the procedure without the array fields all works ok. I am running Firebird-1.5_alpha_1_win32 and have tried with IBConsole and IBExpert with the same result but different error messages. The metadata for the fields is as follows:

(These were created using IBExpert but I checked with IBConsole and they were also created without problem.)

"LOTIDLIST" VARCHAR(125)[0:26] ,

IBExpert message:

can't format message 13:896 -- message file c:\Program Files\Borland\InterBase/interbase.msg not found.
Dynamic SQL Error.
SQL error code = -104.
Token unknown - line 24, char 29.

IBConsole message

Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -104
Token unknown - line 24, char 29

I am not sure where the c:\Program Files\Borland\InterBase/interbase.msg is comming from. I have installed Firebird at c:\firebird. Are arrays supported? Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?


Bob Lazarchik
Semiconductor Diagnostics, Inc.

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