Subject Re: [ib-support] Installation problems in Firebird for Linux
Author Milan Babuskov
sujan420@... wrote:
> I tried to use ISQL to connect to the
> /opt/interbase/examples/employee.gdb but it does not work.
> ISQL command line options are DSN [UID] [PWD] [options]
> but when I type: " isql /opt/interbase/examples/employee.gdb -user
> sysdba -password masterkey" nothing happens.

I just want to correct Helen on this one:

cd /opt/interbase/firebird/bin
./isql /opt/interbase/firebird/examples/employee.gdb

Note the ./ for current directory.

If you want to be sure you can always use the full path

> Next I tried to see if I can connect to Firebird using a graphical
> interface. I downloaded IBAccess for Linux from It
> got installed in /home/sujan/ibaccess. To run it I typed at the
> terminal screen: "bash" which opens the GUI

No need to bash, just

You can add & at the end of line, to move ibaccess in background.

> In the GUI when I try to connect to the employee.gdb it terminates
> with the following message: "./ibaccess: error while loading shared
> libraries: /usr/lib/ symbol: crypt"

This looks like some of kylix shared object files.
Perhaps Kylix installs for access to Interbase 6 OE, or something
like that.
Or maybe just my shot in the dark ;)

Check the script and see what variables it exports. Maybe you
have multiple versions on and the wrong one is loaded. I just
installed Firebird and ibaccess on clean machine w/ Mandrake 9.0 and it
worked "out of the box".

> P.S. When I use a "ls -l" command some files have a * mark at the
> end of the filename. What does that mean?

Just like someone wrote, it means the file is executable (has executable bit
All .sh files should have it, and many others like isql...



Milan Babuskov