Subject Re: Features and Comparisons to PostgreSQL
Author Ubaidullah Nubar <ubaidullahnubar@yahoo.
--- In, "Pavel Cisar" <pcisar@i...> wrote:

> But don't forget FB advantages over PostgreSQL:
> - more compact server (1.5MB), smaller footprint
> - almost zero configuration and maintenance
> - process per client (classic) and thread per client (superserver)
> architecture (PG has just classic).
> - internal garbage collection thread (no external VACUUM)
> - far better Windows port :-)
> - embedded server
> - far better than PG for scalable vertical solutions (from personal
> to SMP servers handling 3000 concurrent users)
> - 15+ years of successful world-wide usage in enterprise and
> critical solutions
> - selectable stored procedures (yep, PG 7.3 got them too)
> - much better user's and developer's community :-)

Thanks for the reply, Cisar. The community is very important and I
can sure see that this is a helpful one here. I will be porting an
app of mine to Fb and hope to continue using it.

Thanks & Regards,
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