Subject Features and Comparisons to PostgreSQL
Author Ubaidullah Nubar <ubaidullahnubar@yahoo.
Hi all,

I have recently been considering Firebird. Is there any comprehensive
comparison between Firebird and PosgreSQL? I found the following

Firebird is not compared very favorably in these two links, probably
because it is not as well known as PostgreSQL. The second link even
has many unknowns(?) in the column for Fb features. This is why I
thought it better to ask this ng.

Could somebody enlighten me if Fb has support for the following:
1. Concurrent Transactions
2. SQL ANSI 99
3. ODBC access (The first link suggests that it is not free for Fb)
4. Unicode support
5. Schemas
6. Online backups
7. Cancel a query asynchronously
8. Boolean field
9. unlimited row size (if not what is the maximum with v1.5/2.0)
10. User defined types
11. Full text indexing
12. Can functions written in other languages be used in Stored
Procedures (via dll/lib)
13. Functions for default value of columns
14. Regular expression support
15. EXPLAIN command
16. LIMIT keyword
17. FETCH command
18. Indexes on functions

It might look like a shopping list but these are often the reasons
cited in discussions for preferring PostgreSQL over Interbase/Fb.
Many could be due to limitations in Interbase now no longer in Fb. I
will appreciate if you can let me know how these apply to the current
releases of Fb.

Thanks & Regards,
Ubaidullah Nubar,
C55, CPD2.1+LPM,
ASP,PHP - CodeCharge