Subject Re: where FIELD1 LIKE '%秢'
Author sea breeze <>
still no luck for me. i tried it from jps page, looks already several
rules like:

- using <%@page bla-bla utf-8 bla %> stuff
- using _UNICODE_FSS parameter to open the connection
- using prep. statement instead of statement
- the field is definitely already _UNICODE_FSS encoded

thank you ...

> For the LIKE predicate you have to have the '%' wildcard character
in there
> somewhere - before or after the search string, or both.
> I didn't see the original posting but I wonder if you tried this:
> select * from table1 where field1 like _UNICODE_FSS'%祧'
> This won't be valid if field1 is not a unicode_fss column though.
> heLen