Subject Re[2]: [ib-support] Re: where FIELD1 LIKE '%秢 >
Author Daniel Rail
> At 07:42 AM 13-12-02 +0000, you wrote:
>>hi Daniel,
>>Any update in this area?

> For the LIKE predicate you have to have the '%' wildcard character in there
> somewhere - before or after the search string, or both.
> I didn't see the original posting but I wonder if you tried this:

> select * from table1 where field1 like _UNICODE_FSS'%祧'

> This won't be valid if field1 is not a unicode_fss column though.

Hi Helen,

The problem was that when using special characters (é, ç, etc...) and
the field is UNICODE_FSS, Firebird seems to be working in overtime and
the CPU resources jumps to 100% and stays there until you do a forced
shutdown. I can reproduce the problem easily and posted it in the bug
tracker. I use UNICODE_FSS in one of my databases and if I try to to
server's CPU process goes to 100% and stays there(I wouldn't know for
how long, since I kill the server after waiting for 30 minutes). And,
in my test database, I only have 20,000 records. And, if I use a
normal english character, the query returns a result instantly.

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