Subject RE: [ib-support] Metadata Descriptors/Comments
Author Ales Kahanek
If I understand you question, you need to import desriptions of your
metadata from external source. Check the system tables sturcture. You can
find columns named RDB$DESCRIPTION type BLOB in the system table, which
hold the metadata description.



and you will see the description inserted by the tools. I guess you can try
to update the RDB$DESCRIPTION via script.


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> From: David Ballantyne [mailto:david@...]
> Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2002 5:20 AM
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> Subject: [ib-support] Metadata Descriptors/Comments
> Hi gang and greetings from way Down Under;
> Firstly let me appologise if this message is posted a couple
> of times, as I
> am having a horrid time getting my message to get throgh to the list.
> My name is David Ballantyne, and I have just been empowered
> with converting
> out existing large R:Base database to Firebird. I have been
> playing with
> Firebird for the past month or so and have had great sucess with this
> wonderful OS product (keep up the good work team!). I have
> only joined the
> list in the past 48 hours, and so must confess, that this is
> my very first
> post.
> I am a Senior Business Analyst / Software Designer and have
> been using RDBMS
> systems of various flavors for many years, but am a rank
> "newbie" to the
> Firebird world. I have sucessfully ported the entire 380
> table / 302 view
> structure and written scripts to push all of our default
> corporate data to
> the Firebird backend.
> All good so far - with only one small dilemma. To date, I
> have not been
> able to find (and maybe I didn't look well enough) any
> interface (SQL, API
> etc) which will allow me to port the metadata descriptions
> (table comments,
> column comments, view comments etc).
> I know it must be there somewhere as I have the ability to
> manually enter
> these descriptors through any of the various flavoured DB admistration
> tools. If someone could pleeease point me in the right
> direction of where
> to find such SQL command or API call, It would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanking you in anticipation and...
> Kindest Regards
> David Ballantyne
> Senior Analyst
> Just For You Software
> Sydney, Australia
> Ph: 61+2 9552 3311
> david@...
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