Subject Re: [ib-support] Metadata Descriptors/Comments
Author Milan Babuskov
David Ballantyne wrote:
> All good so far - with only one small dilemma. To date, I have not
> been able to find (and maybe I didn't look well enough) any interface
> (SQL, API etc) which will allow me to port the metadata descriptions
> (table comments, column comments, view comments etc).
> I know it must be there somewhere as I have the ability to manually
> enter these descriptors through any of the various flavoured DB
> admistration tools. If someone could pleeease point me in the right
> direction of where to find such SQL command or API call, It would be
> greatly appreciated.

How about exporting it into text file from your current database in some
format (xml for example)
and importing it into Firebird.

To manually/visally manage descriptions, you can try IB Desc. It can make
good documentation out of those too. You can find it here:

Milan Babuskov