Subject Problem with backup
Author Wilson, Fred
We've encounter a problem, runnng a backup, while users are connected. (W2K,
We've been doing the same thing for years with IB5.6.
Anyway, when we run a backup on the server box, with a particular
application running, one that drops some tables, the application fails
(haven't check into that side yet to see what exactly is the failure code),
and the backup fails as follows:

12/12/2002 10:03:32 AM
Command: C:\Progra~1\FireBird\Bin\gbak.exe -b -g -user COPE -password
cope D:\intrbase\bin\GA D:\intrbase\backup\GA.bak -Y
The Database Backup failed with error = 'Error 0'.
gbak: ERROR: invalid request BLR at offset 80
gbak: ERROR: table id 292 is not defined
gbak: ERROR: gds_$compile_request failed
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors
No database backup occured.

It appears that there is a problem with the transaction context with FB1.0
gbak. I'm guessing that when I check the client application, I'll find that
the table drop failed because it was "in use"...

Best regards,
Fred Wilson
SE, Bell & Howell

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