Subject RE: [ib-support] to change the decimal separator
Author Kotala Zdeněk
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> Subject: Re: [ib-support] to change the decimal separator
> Thank you Martijn.
> My Question is: How do I Change it?
> I am getting an ASCII-File containing SQL Statments Like
> Insert into Artikel
> (ARTno,Price) Values ('12345','123,22')
> The Result is, that this Article now has Price of 12322
> instead of 123.22.
> The Systems I work with runs in Germany and the OS uses the ',' as the
> decimal separator.
> Is there a possability to change the separator Character? I
> don't want to
> program a Stringconversion for the hole Insertscript.

In Delphi look for Application.DecimalSeparator.

Zdenek K.