Subject Firebird .Net provider Alpha 4 available for download.
Author Carlos Guzmán Álvarez

Firebird .Net provider Alpha 4 available for download.


Changes since Alpha3:

- Some BugFixes.

- Improved API reference documentation.

- Better fit to ADO .NET documentation.

- The provider can now be used on Linux using Mono ( ),
at this moment this was tested only on Red Hat Linux 8.0

- Improved Connection Pooling implementation.

- Improved exception handling on GDS implementation.

- Improved CommandBuilder implementation.

- Better support for encodings.

- Better Support for transaction management, and allowing only one
transaction per connection.

- Better disposing of resources allocated for statements.

- Support for large varchars.

- Added event raising in FbConnection class for warnings messages sent
from the Firebird Server.

- Added support for null parameters.


You can view the changelog at:

You can download binarys at:

You can download sources at:

You can download documentation at:

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Best regards
Carlos Guzmán Álvarez