Subject Re: [ib-support] Setting Firebird up as multi user
Author Pete Clark
In message <>, Helen
Borrie <helebor@...> writes
>Once ping is working, you are home and hosed. Connect to the laptop using
>this string:
>Let us know how you go.

heLen - you are amazing - - !


However - (there is always a however!) - the Desktop can now connect to
the Firebird database on the laptop, using WISQL. I can see that I am
connected via the WISQL statusbar, which shows
Database: laptop:c:\develop2\contacts\contacts.gdb.

I can see the metadata for the database and tables.

BUT select * from (anytable) gives me
Error 901 - feature is not supported.

I am quite used to using WISQL in a single user environment.
Pete Clark