Subject RE: [ib-support] Can't connect to server
Author Pete Bray

i can't answer whether the loopback treatment is different or not. i do know
that when i do a port scan on my test network here now, that port 3050 shows
up on my local machine as well as the server (i have IB service installed on
both as a test environment). I get a response from 3050 on my fixed ip
address as well as the loopback on the local machine. You could
also scan from another client on their local network which is talking to the
server without coming through the external router.


> I wonder if doing a "loopback" test would tell me whether it is
> the server
> or router that is rejecting it? That is, on the server, try
> doing a TCP/IP
> database connection to If that works, would that mean
> that it's
> the router that's rejecting it? Would that be a valid test of
> whether the
> server is rejecting the connection, or do local connections like this get
> special treatment?