Subject RE: [ib-support] Can't connect to server
Author Joe Martinez
I wonder if doing a "loopback" test would tell me whether it is the server
or router that is rejecting it? That is, on the server, try doing a TCP/IP
database connection to If that works, would that mean that it's
the router that's rejecting it? Would that be a valid test of whether the
server is rejecting the connection, or do local connections like this get
special treatment?


At 08:56 AM 12/5/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>my guess is if you can ping your server through the router then your address
>translation and dhcp issues must be ok surely. what i was meaning about ping
>pro is that you can scan for ports that are responding from the server which
>may well reveal that the router is blocking 3050. do you have other services
>running on the server? they would show up in ping pro and 3050 would not.
>can you access the router setup at all to see what it has blocked or
>Kind regards,