Subject Space...
Author Vinicius
Hello people,

I am duing a database that will store many data of a hardware, and I need
many fields with 8 bits of size with one, i can use the smallint that i will
use 2 times the size of my real size that i need or i can use a char[1] to
use just 1 byte, but the char[1] just armazen from 1 to 255 don't use 0 or
256 so how can i use them?
I need one field from 0 - 255 or 1 - 256 thanks for any help.
If somebody nows how can I armazen 1 bit and can make select for this field
I will apreciate too.
I have to economize space, so think on it.

thanks for any help

Vinicius Marques De Bernardi
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