Subject Re: [ib-support] REMOTE INTERFACE/gds__detach: - becoming a issue
Author Johannes Pretorius
We use Windows NT SP 5 as the Servers with Interbase 5.6 as the IB Servers
We user the FreeUDF.dll , I will have to lookup who it came from and the
client software
is compiled in Delphi 3, Some sites has Delphi 5 Server Software running on
the servers.
The Network Protocols are mainly TCP/IP in remote cases not this one
forinstance NetBeui.

There is basically 2 versions of the Software one only Delphi 3 app and
other 3 and 5 compbined.
We use Acer machines here in South Africa , but are looking at going over

I hope this can help


At 08:43 04/12/2002 +0000, you wrote:
> > This is becoming serious as this is find at more and more clients. It
> seems
> > to be where there is network issue.
> > I number one need to know if it can corrupt the database or database
> > integrity and I also need to what this means
> > as I cannot get a meaning for the error.
>Lets go back to square one.
>Which versions are you using - OS, Firebird, UDF, Client
>Software (compiler?), network links.
>I had this sort of problem when my Frame Relay network
>connections had not actually been set up by the supplier.
>They worked, but kept droping packets and hence the
>connection. I sorted the problem by recovering, but the
>recover bits have not been accessed since the network was
>configured correctly. There were no database corruptions,
>just have to remake the connection, and complete the update
>that failed.
>You say more and more clients. Are thay all using the same
>versions? I like to list the differences when something like
>this pops up. We had a niggle that came up with DELL as the
>source - they don't use Microsoft network drivers - replaced
>them with non-dell drivers and the niggle went away.
>All our sites have a table of version info in the database,
>very helpful when you go back after years of faultless
>Lester Caine
>L.S.Caine Electronic Services
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