Subject Re: [ib-support] REMOTE INTERFACE/gds__detach: - becoming a issue
> This is becoming serious as this is find at more and more clients. It seems
> to be where there is network issue.
> I number one need to know if it can corrupt the database or database
> integrity and I also need to what this means
> as I cannot get a meaning for the error.

Lets go back to square one.

Which versions are you using - OS, Firebird, UDF, Client
Software (compiler?), network links.

I had this sort of problem when my Frame Relay network
connections had not actually been set up by the supplier.
They worked, but kept droping packets and hence the
connection. I sorted the problem by recovering, but the
recover bits have not been accessed since the network was
configured correctly. There were no database corruptions,
just have to remake the connection, and complete the update
that failed.

You say more and more clients. Are thay all using the same
versions? I like to list the differences when something like
this pops up. We had a niggle that came up with DELL as the
source - they don't use Microsoft network drivers - replaced
them with non-dell drivers and the niggle went away.

All our sites have a table of version info in the database,
very helpful when you go back after years of faultless

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services