Subject Firebird Temp file error
Author mapcontechinc
Hello all,

A first timer here, so please no head thwacking for innocent

Okay, here's the setup.

Firebird version 1.0 setup as service
Server: NT 4.0, sp 6.
error: I/O error for file "\temp\ib_sort_i00122" error while trying to
write to file. The device does not recognize the command"
Occasionally, get "\winnt\" instead of "\temp"

What's happening: Large SQL call with several joins.

Normally, we're not having problems reading and updating data in the
The SQL call worked in interbase but now fails on firebird.

My guess is, the service does not have access to the temp directory,
I tried setting it up as admin or give system rights to the temp
directory. I tried changing ibconfig to reroute the tmp directory with
this but it still failed.
#TMP_DIRECTORY 50000000 "d:\apptemp"

Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated!


Brock Prusha
Sr. Systems Analyst/Project Leader