Subject Re: Angry !
Author Marco Menardi
--- In ib-support@y..., "papa_kabouter" <nico-callewaert@p...> wrote:
> Tobias,
> I developed the project all alone, the consultant was hired in case I
> drop dead :-), somebody still knows about the project. So it's my
> duty to explain him everything about my source code. That's why he
> started to give his comment on everything. Soon my boss will think
> I'm a loser, I hate to be in such situations, but unfortunatly I
> can't help it. Sorry if this is goign off topic.
> Thanks for the comments to all, Nico
Well, you are a strange looser.
- Open source is ruling the world (Linux...)
- Firebird is also supported by IBPhoenix. They are among the best around if you need professional support
- If something wrong is going with Firebird, you could fix it by yourself. Tell your consultant to do the same with MSSQL, please.
- How much does your company cost MSSQL compared with Firebird? Does it run on a (cheap) server with a free OS (Linux )? ;)
- How long does it takes to MSSQL to fix a problem, compared with Firebird comunity (and CVS repository)?
- How secure are your information on MSQSL? Are there backdors? None (anymore) here ;)
- How many headaces (apart from money) for licensing MSSQL and clients?
- Will Delphi run good as it does with Firebird (supposed you are using direct connection layer, like IBX or,that I use, IBO)? Ok, your consultant will tel you to drop Delphi and go to VisualBasic, I suppose ;)
- Could you tell your boss to sent me all the money you are saving with Firebird? The day he will need MSSQL to replace Firebird because Firebir is dead, I will give him back sure!

Marco Menardi