Subject Re: [ib-support] UDFs
Author Jonathan M. Freedman
Dear List:

i am having trouble either using fbudf's rounding function or coming up with
an alternative version of my own. when i used the 3/02 version, it would
not round the number sent to it in the udf (a variety of number types were
tried) addition, it is unclear as to how the function worked. in
general, to round, u need a number (integer or real) and a certain number of
places to round matter which way i tried it, fbudf's function would
not work...when i set to work trying to write my own udf, i ended up trying
to reverse engineer the content of paramdsc, particular dsc_scale and
dsc_length, to no avail...then i substituted the new version of fbround from
the revised fbudf dll and still was not able to get it to work, even though
i copied the code in its entirety...when i used the fbudf fbround code, the
udf crashed the server...i am using windows xp, borland cbuilder++6,
interbase workbench, and firebird 1.0, and i am an amateur programmer, which
may be the most cogent explanation for the problem

"Helen Borrie" <helebor@...> wrote in message
> At 04:32 PM 12-10-02 -0400, you wrote:
> >Thank you for the url, it is interesting, i am in the process of trying
> >understand the would be helpful if there was some documentation
> >to the nature of the two variables passed to the fbround
> >to be the variable to be rounded, the other has to be the place to round
> >to...
> Not sure what you're asking for here, but there is documentation of each
> function in FBUDF.dll to be found in the fbudf.sql file (which you will
> find in the ./udf directory of your Firebird installation).
> heLen
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