Subject Re: Environment variables
Author Aage Johansen
adnoctum13 wrote:
> I'm new to Interbase and it's costing me some troubles adjusting. I
> come from SQL Server and im used to read environment variables like
> this 'select user' to see what's the current user's login.
> What environment variables are defined in interbase?

select USER from rdb$database
Also, NOW for date/time. There are some more (for Firebird: current_date,
current_time, current_timestamp - more are coming). These are documentet
somewhere ... See Borland's docs for Interbase, and there is a CD with
docs for Firebird (maybe you can find something which is gratis as well).

> Also, Can I encrypt my procedures and udf's? I wouldn't realese the
> source code of my procedures to my clients.

You can remove the source code of SPs/triggers - set the contents (in the
system tables to an emtpty string or Null).

Aage J.