Subject Firebird v Interbase Licensing
Author jackfrosch
Being a long-time Borland fan, I've been working with Interbase as a
developer for years. Now, I'm looking for a production database for
my company.

The whole "Borland proprietary Interbase to open source thing" has me
a little confused about the licensing and use of Firebird vs

Here's my understanding of the licensing for Interbase:

Interbase is licensed on a per user basis, where each user can have
four connections. There's also an unlimited user license that's
restricted to users who are connecting from the Internet. When one
installs Interbase, a license key is entered for each license

I read the Firebird license until my eyes glazed over, but don't
recall any mention of any limitations on the number of users or where
those users are connecting from.

Are there any user or connection limitations for an instance of
Firebird? When it's installed, is there a license key that has to be

I assume Interbase checks a request for a connection against the
license to police license conformance. Since Firebird is based on
Interbase, how does it work in this regard?

I've downloaded the latest Windows binaries for Firebird, but would
like to clarify the licensing thing before installing it. I'd hate
to put my business at risk for some license violation.


Jack Frosch