Subject win98 firebird connections
Author Dave Bullar
I am losing all my hair !
I have two win 98 machines on my desk. I want to have one set-up as a server
and theother as a client. I have set tcp/ip on each and they can ping each
I have set up firebird as client and server on each (because I want the
client to have a local database). I have set up the hosts file on each ..
but possibly wrongly.

I have set PC1 network address as and PC2 as network address as
Then I have set the hosts file on PC1 to say PC2
and the hosts file on PC2 to say

I have told each of them working seperately that the sysdba password is say
'nuts' and I have given each of them a small database file called
I have given both computer full access to the other's drive C. But I cannot
get them to talk either way round !

Please can someone help or at least point ot somewhere where a fully
detailed process is given.
Thanks Dave.