Subject Cursor unknown in
PHP4, firebird 0.95
This is probably an adodb/php issue, but here goes anyhow...

When i open a query on a connection, issue an update/insert statement
on the same connection then try to MoveNext in the initial query i get
:"Warning: InterBase: Dynamic SQL Error SQL error code = -504 Cursor
unknown in on line 242"
(line 242 is "$f = ibase_fetch_row($this->_queryID);" in function

I have tried the same in MySQL and it works fine [therefore it must be
interbase ;-)], its also something I think should work (doing 2 things
with a database at the 'same' time) and i think is what i used to do
with delphi3/bde?

Any thoughts would be appreciated...

(also posted on yahoo:php-list)