Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Viewing Database Changes
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 8/31/2001 10:13 AM (Friday), Todd Brasseur wrote:
>1) Would our problem go away if we used IB Objects? (Users not seeing
>changes that others made)
>2) Does the BDE make it easier to move to another database?
>3) Would we be happy with our application if it was the BDE and SQL
>Server or would we have the same problem?

Since you have narrowed the problem area to the BDE you should now
carefully examine the BDE alias settings you are using. Rather than talk
about throwing the BDE out altogether, try to make it work.

How are you handling database transaction control in your application? Do
you start transactions and then allow users to interact with the
application while the transaction is open? Are all transactions handled
automatically with no specific start/commit/rollback operations that you
have added?

I suspect that you have not added any transaction control and that the
transaction-related BDE settings are not what you need. What is the
SQLPASSTHRU setting for the alias in use? If it is not "SHARED AUTOCOMMIT"
try setting to that value and re-run the test.

There are other BDE-specific settings you could change as well. Perhaps a
BDE expert could step in here to help out more.

To (sort of) answer your questions:
1) Yes, using IBO may eliminate the problem but you may not need to take
that big a step.
2) Yes, using the BDE can make it enormously easier to move to another
3) You may or may not have the same problem using MS SQL Server as the DB.
Depends where the actual problem lies.