Subject About FB 1 beta
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
Hi, All. Firstly thanks to FB team, especially to person who forced
gbak be more informative during restore process.
I want ask not about problem, just curiosity, because feature I
investigated was'nt announced (or I missed it?).
I like to work via old WISQL32.EXE (conservatism :) and, while it
starts with charset NONE, I create triggers with this charset. When I
need to change data I reconnect with WIN1251 (database default) and
all worked fine except I certainly can't see triggers source. No
problem, it all right. But when I made the same with InterBase/linux
Intel, version "LI-T1.0.0.368 Firebird Beta2", I was surprised with
transliteration error trying change data. I dropped new triggers and
re-created them being connected with WIN1251 and all work fine again.
What surprised me even more is that I again can't see trigger sources
when connected with WIN1251 but see it when connected with NONE!
It's absolutly not a problem, I take as granted any rules of the
game, but just curiosity - what was the purpose for this changes?

Best regards.