Subject Re: [ib-support] Unable to set password
Author Mark O'Donohue
sveinn@... wrote:

>I just installed the new SuperServer RPM package on fresh Red Hat 7.1
>server and it went well without any errors being reported.
>I don't however seem to be able to set a password for the SYSDBA
>When I try /opt/interbase/bin/gsec -password mypass
>I get this error:
>connection rejected by remote interface
>unable to open database
I assume we are talking sysdba here.



(it changes the password and updates the /etc/init.d/firebird scriptn).


/opt/interbase/bin/gsec -user sysdba -password mypass

and edit the script youself.

I assume it left the generated sysdba password in
/opt/interbase/SYSDBA.password, is that the case?



>Does anyone have a clue on how to fix this ?
>Yes I am logged in as root and the server is indeed running:
>[root@stormur bin]# ps -ef | grep ib
>root 1402 1 0 Aug26 pts/1
>00:00:00 /opt/interbase/bin/ibguard -f
>root 1403 1402 0 Aug26 ?
>00:00:00 /opt/interbase/bin/ibserver
>root 1404 1403 0 Aug26 ?
>00:00:00 /opt/interbase/bin/ibserver
>root 1408 1404 0 Aug26 ?
>00:00:00 /opt/interbase/bin/ibserver
>root 1409 1404 0 Aug26 ?
>00:00:00 /opt/interbase/bin/ibserver
> Sveinn
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