Subject Re: [ib-support] Ambiguous SQL :: Your Views Please
Author Mark O'Donohue
hans@... wrote:

>Remember, your current and many many FB1 based
>future customers will upgrade to FB2 by themselves
>or by a third party.
>If you love egg on your face :)

Charming :-).

The ambiguity problem exists now (ib whatever), it's a matter of whether
as a user you want to be hit with this potential "incompatibility"
between ib and fb now, during a transiton period, when people are
testing using former ib code, or potentially running on both, or
considering and trying both, or is it be better to wait for a grace
period before making in an error.

The impression Im getting (from the few comments so far) is that people
would like to know, and prefer to be hit in the face with it (egg or
otherwise :-) as an error.



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