Subject ANN: IBSite
Author Doug Chamberlin
I just saw this on the Borland Delphi 3rd party forum. Thought it should
see a wider audience...

We've been using this tool with our client work for awhile, but we've
finally got around to tidying it up and making it available for everyone,
free. IBSite let's you send CodeSite messages from inside your Interbase
Stored Procedures and Triggers. It makes it possible to have one CodeSite
log, with messages from both your Delphi code and your SQL code, obviously
making it easier to trace logic errors and just generally follow the flow of
your code.

We've tested it with Interbase 6 on Windows and CodeSite 2 Pro, but it
should work with CodeSite 2 Std and earlier versions of Interbase on Windows
as well.

There's more info and the download available at

Any problems, email support@...

Malcolm Groves

PS. We've got a Microsoft SQL Server version as well. We should be able to
put it up in the next week or so.