Subject RE: [ib-support] Sort error: 335544344
Author Philippe Ferrero

>What version of IB are you running and on what platform?
Sorry I forgot this, IB 6.0.1, Win NT 4 ws sp 6.

>Does the IB Server have rights to create the temporary file?
I think so (All rights in Security->Permissions).

I changed the temp directory in ibconfig (TMP_DIRECTORY 6000000 "w:\temp"
with 13 Go free on disk)
and the error disappeared BUT a new error aroused:

ISC ERROR CODE:335544676

sort error: not enough memory

I tried on my laptop (Win 2000/IB 6.0.1) the same simple query (select *
from affaire order by cedante) on the very same database (copy of it) and
it works ok.

It seems the server (in relation to system) has a faulty config parameter,
but which one? The same thing used to work fine.



> > Since two days I have this message:
> >
> > ISC ERROR CODE:335544344
> >
> > I/O error for file "/temp/ib_sort_a00282"
> > Error while trying to open file
> > File could not be found
> > sort error
> >
> > The error happens when trying to select/order or retrieve metadata.
> > It does not happen on all databases.
> > I have sufficient space on temp disk.