Subject Networking with IBX (Delphi)
Author Wayne
Hi All

I have developed an application using IBX on a standalone computer.
The client is using Win NT and the app works great at the moment.
Just to make sure that I have my facts straight, could someone please
verify I am on the right track.
I have used an IBDatabase component, IBRestoreService,
IBBackupService, IBValidationService, & IBSecurityService.

As I understand, these would be my steps:

1. Install IBServer on the Server.

2. Uninstall IBServer on the workstation(s) and install IBClient on

3. Place the database on the server and register it with IBConsole.

4. My IBDatabase, DatabaseName property will be:=

5.For IBRestoreService, IBBackupService, IBValidationService, &
IBSecurityService, databaseName is the path on the server, ServerName
is the ServerName and Protocol will be either (Named Pipe, SPX or TCP)

Therefore If I Receive the ServerName, DatabaseDirectory and Protocol
from the clients IT department, the rest is straight forward?

What complications can I expect along the way?

Does a server always have a name, can it not just have a path like, C
Drive is local, G,H & I drives are server drives for example?

Thanking you all in Advance

Kind Regards