Subject Re: [ib-support] New Firebird Release 1.0.0 Beta2 Available
Author Mark O'Donohue
Duleep wrote:

> Hello.
> I installed the beta version on Mandrake 7 and the install failed. shows
> localhost not found.

Can you do ping localhost ?

You do need to add (if you installed super particularly) the line localhost
into the /etc/hosts.equiv file.

I'll automate that next time around.

I assume your installing super (although I'd recommend classic unless
you know better).

Im guessing that it's super as part of the install it connects to the
isc4.gdb security database to change the sysdba password. classic does
a local db open, super becuase that's the onyl way it operates, does an
open of localhost:/opt/interbase/isc4.gdb.

Hope that helps, if not post back and we'll see if we can figure
something else to try :-).