Subject Re: [ib-support] Unexpected Record/Key Deleted Message
Author Duleep

Problems faced by our developers.

1. When we migrated to ib 6, we had to change the version of ibo since the
we had did not connect to ib 6. Since the latest version of ibo did not
install properly in D3
we had to move to D5.

2. There was a component called TIB_TransactionSingle in the previous
version . This is not
available in the new version. We had to create a component with this name
from the exisitng
component ( TIB_transaction)

3. There was a component TIBQuery which was used for connect to TDatasets (
for reporting).
this component is also not available in the latest version.

4. In the transaction component, the method for starting the
transaction was Transaction.Start.
In the latest version it is Transaction.StartTransaction

5. Earlier if you say Query.refresh , the dataset was getting refreshed.
Now you have
to close & reopen them.

6. Then we had another problem. On adding a record, it cannot be edited or
deleted immediately.
What we did was, append the query, input the values, start the
transaction(which is connected
to the query, post the record. then commit the transaction. If you connect
a grid to the query,
you can see the record in the grid , but it will not have a record pointer,
even if you click on it.
Then try to edit/ delete the record.
You will get the message, record is not located for edit/delete.
Change the property 'Commit Action' of the query to caRefreshkeys from
caClose( this is the default),
everything is fine (Changes in 82 forms)

7. Before we used 3.6Dg, we used another version. That was giving a lot of
errors when trying to run procedures. When params are given you get
messages like ' is not a valid integer'. We got 3.6Dg,
these problems were almost gone.

8. If you press the prepare button, in a query or store proc, some times
you get access violation errors.
If that happens, some times (not always) the parameters, that were declared
in the
stored procedure will vanish. This seems to have become all right in 3.6Dg
which is getting all the
params by itself.

9. If there are 2 queries connected to a transaction. One query was
appended & a record
was inserted. Then the transaction was commited. The second query, which is
connected to the transaction is not getting closed. For that query to get
the record which was
inserted thru' the first query, it has to be closed & reopened.

Hope this helps.

At 08:31 AM 17/08/2001 -0700, you wrote:
> > ibo - yes for the last 1 year
> > as part of a product which is still in beta.
> > I have 3.6Dg and i must say that upgrades
> > on ibo has caused us a
> > lot of code re-work.
>Would you take a minute and let us know more about this?
>In what ways have you had to rework your code?
>Were you using the TDataset based components or did you go ahead and migrate
>into the native IBO stuff?
>Jason Wharton
>CPS - Mesa AZ
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