Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Unexpected Record/Key Deleted Message
Author Nando Dessena

> In the other person's post on this topic, they made some comment about
> needing to do a lot of re-coding due to IBO upgrades. What was that
> comment referring to?? If I need to change my code every time a new
> version IBO comes along, that makes IBO very unattractive. Some feedback
> on this issue would be very beneficial....

I think he was referring to convert from BDE to IBO, and then again it
was *his particular* application that caused problems; you could be more
or less lucky in that regard.
I believe simpler apps convert more readily, but then simple apps work
well with the BDE too.
I'm not considering to port my 300klines BDE app to IBO, it simply isn't
worth it, but for new projects...
WRT upgrades, I can appreciate a good degree of compatibility between
different versions of IBO; the same can't be said for many more famous
(and expensive) component suites.