Subject Re: Unexpected Record/Key Deleted Message
>>Recreating your db probably failed because recreating a db does not fix
the BDE! ;o)

If you want to stick to the BDE, hopefully someone else doing the same can
solve your problem,

The problem actually appears to be within the index. Doing a "Update
xxx_tbl set field = 'origdata' where field = 'origdata'" (from ISQL) on the
columns in the primary key seems to help resolve the problem.

This leads me to believe there is something "unexpected" in the index for
the primary key. This problem is occuring on both old and new version of
BDE and IB.

I would have thought exporting and re-importing the data would have
re-built the indices--but that didn't seem to solve the problem (I tried
dropping and re-creating the primary key index, but that didn't solve
everything either).

As for sticking with BDE, I have a running, production (and important)
application right now. Converting my entire program to a new architecture
like that isn't a viable option (thousands of lines of code and dozens of
related programs). Maybe in the future...but it won't fix the problem
right now!

In the other person's post on this topic, they made some comment about
needing to do a lot of re-coding due to IBO upgrades. What was that
comment referring to?? If I need to change my code every time a new
version IBO comes along, that makes IBO very unattractive. Some feedback
on this issue would be very beneficial....


...Rob Stitt