Subject Re: [ib-support] FOR UPDATE clause
Author Ivan Prenosil
> In Oracle, "select .. for
> update" lock the rows affecteds until commit/rollback. Browsing IB docs I
> read that "for update" is used only with "declare cursor .. " to especify
> subsequent "update .. where current of". Whell, the Oracle behavior (and MS
> SQL Server too) isn't the right (ANSI SQL) implementation?

Considering that Oracle is not following SQL standard in such basic thing like JOIN ...

> Could Interbase
> implentation is same like this but don't documented? If not (implemented)
> then I will suggest it.

Interbase does not lock rows with "select ... for update" statement.
SQL92 does not require it either. (iirc explanation from Diane Brown).

I would prefer to follow SQL standard rather than Oracle/Gates.